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  1. Hi Summer –

    I just wanted to thank you for the great speech you gave at the ETA Early Career Teachers Day. It’s good to know that you went through the same chaos at the beginning of your career. I couldn’t find your email but I was wondering if you could send me those templates you mentioned?

    Thanks so much!

  2. Loved your presentation today. Can see loads of potential for the across the curriculum in the Oprah task. Would love to try it out from a Science/geography perspective. Do you mind if I use the template? Will give you feedback.

  3. Hi Summer,

    I was at the ETA day where you spoke and have just signed up for twitter! I’m finally getting ‘with it’. I would like to find out how to search for you so that I can follow you on twitter? Please do let me know.

    Hope your week has been wonderful.


  4. Hi Francesca!

    Thanks so much for that lovely comment! I love speaking with new teachers because I remember thinking I was so alone, and very nearly almost gave up. It’s hard becasue you are so full of passion and ideas, but so overhwlemed with the nuts and bolts (and politics) of the job!

    Hang in there, I know you will be fantastic!

    I will post the templates, I have had some issues with my blog this week!

    Summer 🙂

  5. Hi Robyn,

    Thanks! I love the MYSA networking meetings! I have had blog issues this week, but they look sorted, so I will post the template for you, of course! Hey I was also wondering about your work with the iSchool? I think it is called the Sixteen project? Love to find out more!

    Catch up soon 🙂

  6. HI Sharlyn,

    So glad you are Tweeting! I have had some blog issues this week, but they look sorted now! You can find me @edusum, or if you let me know your twitter name, I will follow you!

    See you in the metaverse! (a dorky term used to describe online spaces!)


  7. heyy mrs charlesworth, our group has just found your blog and we think you’re such an inspirational year co-ordinator. you should also be a writer! you’re really good at english ! 🙂 xoxo from one of the year 9 groups xo

  8. Hi Mrs Charlesworth, it’s Courtney! I continue to read your blog all the time! You are so amazing I learn so much from reading this blog!! So much change has happened but I am still going strong! My blog is going okay. Don’t post very regularly but it is very enjoyable to keep posting when I feel the need. Thanks for setting me up!


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